Deutsche Mark

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formerly the basic unit of money in Germany

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These people have Deutsche Marks and they have collateral and they have low debts.
This time, there is no deutsche mark to rise to achieve the adjustment of the German surplus.
The Deutsche mark appreciated, and life became very hard for German exporters.
Since then, of course, the euro has replaced the Deutsche mark, but the same method can be applied.
Let's consider this example: If a Kenyan company is concerned that the dollar will appreciate against the deutsche mark before the payments are made, it will want to hedge against it by buying a dollar currency futures contract.
The deutsche mark has become the symbol of the new republic that Germans cherish the most.
88 PSF, but the national economic restructuring plan resulted in a 36 percent drop in the value of the Hungarian Forint against the German Deutsche Mark, the currency to which rental rates in prime buildings are generally linked, causing sharp rent increases (for those converting Forints to DM).
dollar LIBOR against LIBOR rates of the deutsche mark, British pound, Swiss franc, and Australian dollar, and LIBOR rates of the deutsche mark and Swiss franc against LIBOR rates of the Italian lira, Spanish peseta, and other high-yielding currencies of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.
The German Bundesbank stands to lose not only power but the deutsche mark if the new Central Bank takes over in 1999 as scheduled.
Apprehension among the population will increase because of fear of a war in the near future (even if the Yugoslavian conflict is quelled, continued unrest can be expected in the former Soviet Union) and anxiety about the Maastricht treaty, which threaten the deutsche mark and the stability that the mark provides as a symbol of German identity.
It has been suggested the Deutsche Bank wrote down its new headquarters in Frankfurt to one deutsche mark (from a probable cost of over DM 1 billion) on the premise it was a specially built facility with no tangible value to any other user.
35 per deutsche mark,[5] the West German investment equals about $7.
Together with the issue of the Deutsche Mark commemorative coin, this pushed investment demand to 106 tonnes, 17% higher than in Q3'00.
Soros used Quantum Fund in 1992 to bet successfully that sterling was overvalued against the Deutsche Mark, forcing then-Prime Minister John Major to pull the pound out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM).
I know it gave up its beloved deutsche mark to join the eurozone and I know that the euro floats and is itself not a manipulated currency like the yuan, the yen, the Swiss franc, and the Brazilian real.
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