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formerly the basic unit of money in Germany

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Our division was sold by the Treuhand for one Deutsch Mark to a west German firm, which removed all of the production tooling to the west and then closed the factory.
The results ended up being rather one-dimensional, as in Eva Grubinger's simple documentation of a transfer of project funds in the amount of thirty thousand deutsch marks to the Deutsche Bank and Siemens in order to get the same number back in Euros, or Swetlana Heger's extension of her artistic identity as advertising space for luxury goods.
1 billion Deutsch Marks, and is a leader in the video gaming industry.
As retailers rush to stock reformulated products, I am now getting calls from buyers who previously demanded entry fees ranging from 100,000 to one million Deutsch marks to get a listing without providing any guarantee of volume," said Mr.
Sharif Ghalib, "Some of the Oil Dollars Become Oil Deutsch Marks," Euromoney (April 1979), pp.
In 1990, Kohl acted with uncharacteristic boldness to reunify his country, welding the two uneven sides of Germany with his decision to swap worthless East German marks for rock-solid Deutsch marks at a rate of one to one.
The clack of credit card devices, and the chatter of people recalculating Deutsch marks and francs and Canadian dollars into U.
Deutsch marks and volume aside, the Group's German operations provide technological and marketing research support for the worldwide Jacobs Suchard coffee activities.
It's good bye to francs, deutsch marks, pesetas, schillings, guilders, drachmae, punts and other currencies as 300 million people in 12 countries - not to mention 170,000 hole-in-the-wall cash machines - switch to the euro.
net, alongside lead investor Atlas Venture of Munich, is investing 15 million deutsch marks -- or more than $7 million -- in the company.
Orders for potentially over one billion Deutsch Marks in Germany and over two billion pounds in UK in the same week are an indication of Marconi's strengths in the most advanced communications markets in the world.
As a world-wide media provider, Bertelsmann AG has about 60,000 employees in 50 countries, a turnover of 30 billion Deutsch Marks and is regularly in contact with around 45 million consumers.
Dollars, British Pounds, Germany Deutsch Marks, French Francs, Italian Lira, Spanish Pesetas and Swiss Francs.
Last year, TEMIC's photomask demand increased to approximately 10 million Deutsch Marks.
Hornbeck with the award and its 167,000 German Deutsch Marks (roughly $120,000 U.
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