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A total of 78 species of fungi belonging to 45 genera comprising 46 ascomycetes, one basidiomycetes and 31 deuteromycetes were recorded from the dead woods of mangroves in different parts of India (Maria and Sridhar 2002).
Agaricostilbum, a new genus of Deuteromycetes on palm spathes from Argentina.
Ascomycetes and Deuteromycetes from submerged wood and drift Spartina.
Higher Fungi: Ascomycetes, Deuteromycetes, and Basidiomycetes.
The fungi of white-rot Basidiomycetes can degrade efficiently the lignin available in comparison with Deuteromycetes and Ascomycetes which are oxidizing compounds of phenolic to yield phenoxy radicals along with quinines (5).
Nonspecific factors involved in the attachment of entomopathogenic deuteromycetes to host insect cuticle.
Flora, Deuteromycetes, Myxomycetes, Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, PM).
Asi mismo los Ascomycetes y Deuteromycetes se presentan principalmente en las muestras de los periodos Silurico, Devonico y Pennsilvanico (Sherwood-Pike, 1991).