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The first result of their efforts comes on August 3 when a German cruise ship, the Deutchland, berths at Cardiff carrying more than 500 passengers, plus crew.
Massey is careful to omit Deutchland Uber Alles and the chauvinisticFrench anthem from his comparisons,but claims, with a straight face, that Landof Hope and Glory is the English national anthem.
Zeon and Buna Sow Leuna Olefinverbund GmbH (BSL), an affiliate of Dow Deutchland, have signed a new license agreement.
Jacada Deutchland GmbH can be reached at +49 (0) 89 515559-19 and will be located at Karlsplatz 5, 80335 Munchen, Munich, Germany.
The Prentke Romich Company group also includes Saltillo Corporation (USA), Prentke Romich Deutchland (Germany) and Liberator Pty Ltd (Australia).
Export Value of Solar Water Heater of China to Deutchland, 2006-2012
I AM writing in anger at the headline that was an insult to the nation: Deutchland 1 Liverpool 5.
Last year, his Frankfurt- based company Oceonics Deutchland went bust with debts of at least pounds 2.