Detroit River

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a short river flowing from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie along the border between the United States and Canada

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Moroun needs to construct a bridge all over the Detroit River next to the Ambassador Bridge.
The Detroit River International Crossing has been in the planning stages for almost 10 years.
Julie Craves, a research supervisor at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, looks in on this strange sanctuary, the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, once a month to monitor the effects of its metamorphosis on the creatures that live there.
More recently, using the threat of condemnation, Detroit authorities bought out thriving businesses, including restaurants, pubs, and cement silos, to make room for a massive casino project on the Detroit River.
Clark, "Photo Show Portrays the Familiar," is used as the frontispiece for a sequence of twenty-five black-and-white documentary-style photos of locales on islands in the Detroit River and sites and sightings in and around the neighborhood where Kelley grew up: the Eloise Mental Hospital; Zug Island; the Kelleys' house in Westland, MI; a glass test tube containing "Edison's Last Breath" at the Henry Ford Museum.
Migrating north, the Iler family settled at Grosse Ile working as tenant farmers for the Macomb brothers, and eventually moving across the Detroit River to the New Settlement.
Bishops all over the country have written on what's happening to our rivers and water use; in fact, in Detroit, churches monitor the water quality of the Detroit River.
The 10 rivers nominated by the advisory committee were: the Connecticut River in Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts; the Detroit River in Michigan; the Hanalei River in Hawaii; the New River; the Hudson River in New York; the Rio Grande in Texas; the Potomac River in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia; the St.
This new ballroom will feature a glass wall and open-air terrace facing Hart Plaza and Detroit's downtown to the east, as well as pre-function space with a panoramic view of the Detroit River and the international border with Canada to the south.
28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 6-7th, over 40 offshore powerboats will race on the Detroit River in Downtown for the inaugural Detroit River International Championships presented by 24 Grille.
As the future site of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge s Visitor Center, the Refuge Gateway will welcome thousands of projected annual visitors to the refuge.
Launched in 2000 by the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration and their government counterparts in Canada, the Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC) study is the first bi-national effort to strategically look at the future of our nation's border.
Beyond the General's pension costs, there are a number of problems facing the folks in that office complex overlooking the Detroit River.
The complex - pegged for an 87-acre site along the Detroit River - would be called Majestic Kingdom and would employ about 6,000 people.
Bridgforth believed he had found an ideal location: East Jefferson Avenue, one of two main thoroughfares running along the Detroit River just shy of Canada.
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