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a rule of evidence whereby a person is barred from denying the truth of a fact that has already been settled

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Instead, prejudice, or detrimental reliance, is an element of an entirely different doctrine-estoppel, which looks to the effect on the opposing party regardless of the intent of the waiving party.
In addition to their fraud and breach of fiduciary duty claims, the plaintiffs also assert claims against Guidry for detrimental reliance and payment of a thing not owed.
relied upon, not in the detrimental reliance itself.
Again, the court found that NAV could not succeed on the detrimental reliance argument that it incurred losses as a result of reliance on the airport's promise to pay because promissory estoppel can only be invoked as a shield and not as a sword; NAV cannot rely on its own detrimental reliance on the airport's gratuitous promise.
Beswick will be able to launch an action against her nephew, if he assumed responsibility to her to perform his promise and this failure to perform caused her to surfer reasonably foreseeable detrimental reliance.
Fraud" does not include conduct which, although characterized as "fraudulent" by statute or administrative rule, lacks an element of scienter, deceit, intent to mislead, or knowing failure to correct misrepresentations which can be reasonably expected to induce detrimental reliance by another.
Before any detrimental reliance, the reader is urged to obtain consultation, advice, and opinions from licensed professionals.
Refraining from seeking other employment cannot amount to detrimental reliance unless the at-will employee, in relying on the promise, actually rejected employment offers.
Chapter 5 Waiver, Equitable Estoppel, and Detrimental Reliance in Insurance Contracts
the taxpayer suffered no detrimental reliance, because it had paid the GCT before a 1998 letter ruling, believing the tax was legally owed).
Regarding Carlton's detrimental reliance assertion, the government claimed that the reliance was not truly detrimental.
Conversely, courts may not enforce a promise under the section despite detrimental reliance by the promisee.
The court ruled that when there is no detrimental reliance by the insured, the insurer does not commit fraud and misrepresentation due to statements by its investigator to the insured that there was coverage later denied.
1) The court reasoned that absent a showing of detrimental reliance, a plaintiff could not establish injury "by reason of" racketeering activity, as is required under 18 U.
The problem started for Monroe County, Iowa, when Iowa Coal Mining Company and Star Coal Mining Company sued it more than a decade ago, first alleging something akin to detrimental reliance on changed regulatory decisions and then alleging tortious interference with contracts relating to utility and industrial ash placed in the landfills.