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a mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive

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A TEENAGE boy has been left blinded in his right eye after a railway detonator blew up in his face.
According to Gencho Hristov, CEO of Sofia-based firm Sage Consultants AD, an arms trader, a total of 80 detonators for shells, not 64 as reported by international media, shipped from the Romanian city of Brasov to Bulgaria have disappeared from the Romanian train that was transporting them to Bulgaria.
One of the detonators was so volatile it exploded even as it was being bagged up for evidence.
Diwaniya, Qadissiya (NINA) --Qadissiya Police Forces discovered a roadside bomb set for detention as well as a vehicle loaded with explosives and detonators.
It was caused by detonators used to blast rocks, the source said.
EXPLOSIVE detonators have been stolen from a car in Middlesbrough.
Summary: An Internal Security Forces patrol in Jounieh arrested three young Lebanese men, aged respectively 22, 23 and 26 on Monday because they were in possession of individual military arms and detonators, a security report said.
Police are appealing for the return of the detonators, which explode with a loud bang, although only after a significant impact.
POLICE last night issued a warning after 12 railway detonators were stolen from a garage in Blaenclydach in the Rhondda.
Hours later, police find a van with detonators and a cassette tape with verses from the Koran at a train station through which all of the bombed trains had passed.
THE EUROPEAN Commission has approved the acquisition by Australia-based explosives and detonators business Orica Ltd of non-North American and Australian business owned by Norwegian competitor Dyno Nobel ASA.
Inside the van were 10 railway fog signal detonators in a box marked "explosives".
The detonators - which have small explosives charges inside - were attached to the trans-Pennine line off Church Street, Paddock.
Bomb disposal experts defused the device, consisting of nitrate fuel and a battery linked to seven detonators,all contained in a plastic box.
The Channel 3 record was originally released in the US as Fear of Life and it kicks ass like some of the Southern California early punk/HC stuff (Eugene, Oregon's Detonators come to mind too).