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For something like increased incarceration or increased law enforcement to have a general deterrent effect, would-be offenders would have to be aware of the heightened risk.
Reports of wife bashing have become frequent in the local press and observers hope that the execution would have a deterrent effect.
Iyengar found that the law had a significant deterrent effect, just as intended; criminals were less likely to reoffend after they triggered the law.
To enforce its safety rules, Stringer said, the DOB is relying upon the deterrent effect of small fines handed down almost one year after the occurrence of the alleged violations.
Further, the decline in real value of the fixed dollar amounts of civil tax penalties may weaken the deterrent effect of these penalties and may result in the inconsistent treatment of taxpayers over time.
Individuals hit by the FlashLauncher will feel the deterrent effect of being struck by the powerful, yet less-than-lethal, kinetic impact of a PepperBall projectile and the release of extremely "hot" pepper active agent (capsaicin II).
Det Supt Mike Jones, said: "This operation is sending out a reassuring message to law-abiding people and having a deterrent effect on criminals.
He said the cameras had a valuable deterrent effect on people out to cause trouble and was pleased with how the festive period went.
The official objective of the house demolition policy is deterrence yet the deterrent effect of house demolitions has never been proven.
The presence of Chinese soldiers is also supposed to have a deterrent effect on possible challenges to Pakistani rule by the local population in both the provinces, which are seething with discontent against the Pakistani government.
Secondly, these cameras would have a deterrent effect on the public as well as the traffic staff by holding both of them accountable.
Five-time world champion O'Sullivan, 39, insists the example made of Lee has had the deterrent effect sought by the authorities.
Consequently, the general deterrent effect of punitive damages does not seem weakened as a result of the tortfeasor's death.
It is desirable that the solution for securing and notification shall also have a deterrent effect on those who wish to illegally cross the roaf properties outside of the respective plants~ opening.
Shoot death row convicts in the head, and televise executions to maximize the deterrent effect.