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It concluded that, AaAaAeAcAaAaAeA@1/4oeSince this constitutes deliberate harm to innoce it is clear that even if house demolition had the desired deterrent effect, it would, nevertheless, remain unlawful.
While OSHA emphasizes the deterrent effect of higher penalties, the reality is many employers strive to comply with the OSH Act regardless of the size of the penalty, as there are well understood business consequences for employers that have a poor safety record, including the inability to enter into contracts with certain vendors, loss of customers, strained labor relations and increased insurance costs.
Courts embracing the nonsurvivability rule have stated that the deterrent effect of punitive awards is watered down or becomes speculative when the deceased wrongdoer's estate is held liable instead of the wrongdoer herself.
He said: "In my view, naming him has a clear deterrent effect.
Dutch media reported Opstelten telling parliament that he expects the measure will have a deterrent effect.
We are considering this because there will be efficient apprehension and a deterrent effect on smugglers," he said.
This broad jurisdiction should give the ICC a greater deterrent effect than previous ad hoc tribunals whose limited jurisdictions meant violators could gamble that their actions would never come under international review.
The 2013 edition reviews the deterrent effect of peace operations, and analyzes the strategic and political implications of shifting trends in conflict for the leadership of both civilian and military peace operations.
At Thursday's TribLive conversation, former Assistant Travis County District Attorney Mindy Montford talked about ethics investigations and the deterrent effect of prosecution.
We must balance against this, though, the deterrent effect of custodial sentences.
7) But Lande and Davis still found that individual incarceration had less than half deterrent effect of corporate fines, which does not jibe with the consistent views of prosecutors.
The Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission ruled that its administrative law judges are permitted to consider the deterrent effect of a proposed penalty when deciding whether or not to approve a settlement, and an ALJ did not abuse her authority when requesting that the Solicitor's Office turn over additional information before the settlement was approved.
tedgold An alternative approach Perhaps a six-month ban for Jack Mitchell will have a deterrent effect for others, but is it the best approach?
Over the last twenty years, legal scholars have debated whether the civil justice system generally, and tort recovery in particular, generates a deterrent effect.
The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus said, 'The consistent increase in the cost of borrowed money in the economy is intended to provide a further deterrent effect on customers' demand for credit resources of banks for the period of release on a single course.