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an argument that is conclusive

one of a limited class of noun modifiers that determine the referents of noun phrases

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We can say that in NPs with all and most, the number feature of the head noun in the partitive oblique percolates up to the determiners; therefore, these determiners acquire whatever number feature the head noun has.
421); (c) introducing heads, modifiers, and determiners as functions in the internal structure of the NP (p.
Earliest to develop are determiners and tense, with complementizers coming in somewhat later.
In sentences generated by competent language users, all nouns combine or Merge with determiners and become determiner phrases (DP).
Determiners have been a subject of many interesting studies in the syntactic literature.
From a strictly historical perspective, the work on English determiners focuses mainly on the rise of the definite article, though the syntactic literature on this subject does not boggle the mind.
In sentences with determiners in initial position, this requires changing the initial discourse assumption.
If the postulated discourse entity corresponding to the DP in SpecCP of a topicalized sentence must be retracted due to the occurrence of a later determiner (in split-topicalization) or due to the need to scope under a subsequent quantifier, the sentence should be difficult to process.
To gauge the extent to which ELT materials have taken up this idea of determiners, I assembled a convenience sample of ELT books dealing with grammar from my personal library, my college library, and two central public libraries, books that employ terminology such as noun, object, tense, and plural.
One of the primary changes intended by the passage of the 1996 federal welfare reform law (officially the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act) was to change the role of frontline welfare workers from eligibility determiners to employment coaches.
There is no doubt that such nouns select plural determiners since we cannot have phrases like * a pounds', * this years, or * one dollars.
We will be analysing the existence of collocational restrictions in the behaviour of these structures, focusing on the determiners that the deverbal noun admits, on the morphology of the head noun, especially its number, on its modification and also on the voice of the Composite Predicate structure.
The report, entitled "Balancing Cash Flow Predictability and Debt Capacity in Corporate Securitizations", identifies key determiners of business risk, and spells out how they influence the proportion of senior to subordinated debt in a structure, the rating levels of individual debt tranches, the leverage a transaction can absorb, and the level of structural credit enhancements needed.
Of the major determiners in Chinese, demonstratives are developing uses of a definite article, and yi 'one' + classifier has developed uses of an indefinite article, although morphologically and in some cases also functionally they have not yet been full), grammaticalized.
In this way GC accounts for the Finnish suffixes and determiners accompanying English nouns in subject DPs.