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Synonyms for determiner

an argument that is conclusive

one of a limited class of noun modifiers that determine the referents of noun phrases

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Therefore if values of inertia moments of system masses and its linkage stiffness are known it is possible to estimate its natural frequencies and then to estimate determinator [Q.
The content of oxygen was determined by using Eltra ON900 oxygen/ nitrogen determinator.
It's interesting how the young Gandhi, in his travels around the Indian countryside, talks about focusing on poor people, rather than on their caste or class, as the lowest common determinator.
Immediately 1 h after treatment locomotor activity was recorded for a period of 10 min with a CB3201-type digital tracing activity determinator for small animal manufactured by Chunbei electronic industrial company (Sichuan, China).
All these facts make the supposition according to which the primary determinator of the choice between the indefinite or definite conjugations in Uralic languages was intransitivity / transitivity only too probable: intransitive verbs were used without and transitive verbs with the 3P verbal marker.
Compare Menski's statement: "I have argued in the context of customary laws that it was inevitable for individual conscience to become the primary determinator of what was to be done.
Leco carbon determinator, Merry and Spouncer 1988) as total carbon.
Quality tends to be less of a market determinator in the USA, which depends largely on water based flexo printing.
The samples were subjected to acid treatment to remove carbonates and the TOC was determined using Leco CR-12 (USA make) carbon determinator.
The Determinator Extendable Flush-Cutting Extension will be introduced at this year's STAFDA Trade Show and Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, November 6-8 2005.
When a casting is sent to us for analysis, we check the chemical analysis with our spectrograph and carbon determinator.
Such thinking is consonant with the eugenics movement and its emphasis on heredity as a determinator of intelligence, and this is claimed as a factor in the poet's elitism.
Had he not referred to his verse sans rhyme or meter as sonnets, I would have forgone a specific classification for one that simply signals the poet's own voice as the formal determinator.
We determined the concentrations of 1,2,3,4,6,7-HxCN, individual PCBs, and DDE by the internal standard method, using relative peak areas of individual peaks and the internal standard peak determined by a Shimadzu Chromatopac C-R7A automatic peak area determinator.
And it's going to be feeling each other in the first game of this series that is going to be the determinator as to how we play.