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Synonyms for detergent

Synonyms for detergent

a cleansing agent that differs from soap but can also emulsify oils and hold dirt in suspension

having cleansing power


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v=pM6wanZOLtk) Don't Eat The Laundry Pods ," in March 2017 where a college student swallowed a bunch of detergent pods and at the end declared that he felt fine.
According to Technavio, the top three emerging market trends driving the global liquid detergent market are:
Laundry Care is anticipated to increase at a constant 2015 value CAGR of 2% over the forecast period, with automatic detergents driving the performance.
Wash 'n Go detergent simplifies the laundry chore by ending spills and messes associated with liquids, Horowitz says.
Parents need to be aware of the appeal of laundry detergent to young children.
Enzyme company Codexis (NasdaqGS:CDXS) and Chemtex Friday jointly announced the successful rise in the production of CodeXol detergent alcohols using cellulosic sugars.
048) were significantly more common with reported exposures to laundry detergent pods when compared with reported exposures to non-pod laundry detergents.
The second decision defines the group of industrial and institutional automatic dishwasher detergents as including single and multi-component dishwasher detergents, rinse and pre-soaks designed for use in professional dishwashers.
According to ESMA, 104 samples were drawn, of which 56 are powder and liquid detergents for clothes and fabrics (21 are local products while 35 are imported).
Demand for detergent in the country grows with the growing populations.
The new iDos measures and dispenses detergents automatically for any laundry load thus ensuring that every washing gets the right amount of liquid detergent down to the millimeter, a statement said.
Although it breaks down grease, removes stains and softens hard water, phosphorus in detergents can end up in rivers and lakes, where it acts like a fertilizer, increasing algae and aquatic weeds that rob fish and other plants of oxygen.
But Fink, the grocery buyer at Capella Market in south Eugene, said he's been using the phosphate-free detergents for years and people won't notice much difference.
Conventional detergents have surfactants suspended in water.
1 million of various detergents and hygiene products during the first 5 months of the current Iranian calendar year (started March 21).