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a storage site (such as a small reservoir) that delays the flow of water downstream

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The contract includes the construction of new detention pond that will clean stormwater from Hagastaden.
The ability to utilize land to generate revenue for years to come, or purchase less land in the first place, presents a huge financial upside compared to building and maintaining an expensive detention pond.
One of the conditions stipulated that legal review must be given to a piece in the application regarding drainage and the detention pond in the area and who is responsible for financial maintenance of the pond.
To meet these and other regulations, as well as to reduce the site's "potential to pollute," the engineers suggested that we install the Stormwater Management StormFilter, a StormGate Separator and a detention pond.
Package CALR 001--Works include construction of a flood detention pond and pipe installation, rehabilitation of the George V Park drain and landscaping.
They will also likely remain strongly bound to the particulates in stormwater control device sumps or detention pond sediments where particulate-bound metals are captured.
PondPack(R) is a stormwater modeling program for urban hydrology and detention pond design.
0, the latest upgrade to its popular urban stormwater management and detention pond design software solution for the civil engineering community.
With the construction of the Southland Lane Detention Pond, the City of Brookings wanted to reduce flooding issues downstream and create a recreational amenity for the community," said SEH Project Manager Mike Kuno, PE.
Tenders are invited for Trails System Phase 2 Louetta Road Sidewalk and Trails System Phase 3 Lakewood Grove West Detention Pond
Jacobson for the town administration to apply for a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to fund a detention pond on the east side of the town-owned Pakachoag Golf Course "to mitigate a potentially hazardous situation.
5-acre site did not have enough space to fit in both a detention pond and parking lot.
71,800 to construct retaining walls associated with detention pond for Spyglass Estates subdivision.
There will be a large (more than an acre) detention pond on the southwest corner of the subdivision that will feature a fountain and walkways around.
Preventive measures that will be built into the store include a spillage containment system inside the building, a stormwater drainage system and a bioswale and detention pond for on-site treatment of stormwater.