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a large cell where prisoners (people awaiting trial or sentence or refugees or illegal immigrants) are confined together temporarily

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The prisons and detention centres have air-conditioners for summer season, but they don't have room heaters, which we have reminded the authorities repeatedly.
Mr Fulad urged people, who wished to donate winter clothing and blankets to contact him or the society, whose volunteers plan to visit detention centres by the end of the month and hand over the warmer items to the officers-in-charge.
The Australian Human Rights Commission will resume its hearing into child detention centres on July 31.
35 billion) contract to run the country s two troubled Pacific island immigration detention centres.
The High Commissioner apprised the Director General of his recent visits to immigration detention centres in Johor Bahru and Melaka and called for a need to improve the physical conditions and general medical care being provided to detainees at the detention centres.
Summary: Two inmates, who were part of a foursome who started a fire at a detention centre, were sentenced to an additional three years each in prison as they were convicted of arson, endangering the lives of 65 other detainees and damaging public property worth about Dh100,000.
In the coming weeks, UNHCR field teams will carry out registration also in detention centres in Gharyan, Misurata, Ajdabiyah and Kufra as well as Benghazi.
There are genuine concerns that the Government is not providing adequate mental health care to people in detention centres at a time when incidents of self-harm and suicide have increased, and riots, protests, and hunger strikes have become common.
In 2010, ICRC made 48 visits in 31 detention centres housing some 27,000 detainees, including over 670 security prisoners.
Their occupants have been detained at either Christmas Island or mainland detention centres while their refugee claims are assessed.
Although the regime in Britain's detention centres is different from that in prisons, the experience is still one of imprisonment.
A REFUGEE yesterday accused William Hague of acting like Hitler over his plans to put asylum seekers in detention centres.
Latest clinical assessments in Australia-run detention centres revealed that half of asylum seekers are suffering from mental health problems like stress or anxiety and depression.
The visit followed a letter from the National Institution of Human Rights after a report published in a local newspaper claimed detainees were being deprived of winter clothes, Ombudsman detention centres control director Hamad Salman Taqui said.
Summary: DUBAI -- The Court of First Instance on Wednesday sentenced four detainees to three-year imprisonment as they were found guilty of the charges of arson, endangering the lives of 65 detainees at the Qusais detention centre and damaging public property worth about Dh100,000.