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a large cell where prisoners (people awaiting trial or sentence or refugees or illegal immigrants) are confined together temporarily

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This is consistent with data from national clinical studies that suggested 6 percent to 16 percent of individuals in city or county detention centers have mental illness.
This report shows that immigrant detention centers in the South fail to ensure the rights and safety of people in their custody," Eunice Cho, SPLC staff attorney and author of the report, (https://www.
With beds that need to remain filled, even immigrants who sign voluntary deportation agreements have been kept in detention centers past their release dates, as prison authorities claim they don't have the right paperwork to grant their release.
Patient and juvenile aggression to employees in mental health hospitals and juvenile detention centers is on the rise.
In this regard, chief of police station, policeman-duty of the detention center, senior sergeant of the police and others were dismissed from the service for the named shortcomings.
Recent court cases at the state level have determined immigrant detention centers are sorely lacking in their ability to provide detainees with (http://www.
size or scope of the contract: Supply of soy products to prisons and detention centers in the District of Lublin.
Chaplains serve in many organizations, agencies and companies--including hospitals, schools, universities, military branches, law enforcement departments, jails, detention centers and prisons.
While that case works its way through the federal court system, Family and Protective Services officials announced in September that they wanted to license the two detention centers, in Karnes City and Dilley, under the agency's purview.
It's estimated that more than 400,000 undocumented immigrants are booked into government-appointed detention centers in the United States each year.
It should be noted that such situation does not exist in all detention centers," Jabbarov said.
Jamil al-Shammari declared the failure of four attempts to target security detention centers within the province, criticizing the attempts by some politicians to politicize the file.
Israeli courts recently slammed the detention process, and the legality of the detention centers is currently before the Israeli Supreme Court.
Manama, Jan 7 (BNA) -- Director of the Department of Penitentiaries and Detention Centers' Control of the Ombudsman Office's Secretariat General, Hamad Salman Saleh Taqi, said that a team from the Department paid an inspect visit to the Reform and Rehabilitation Center in Jaw and the Detention Center in Hawdh Al-Jaff to follow up the flow of performing the mid-term exams for 226 inmate students according to detention centers system that is concurrent with the public schools exams timing, in the presence of supervisors from the Education Ministry, in line with the principle of providing the right of education for the inmate students.
ISLAMABAD -- Meeting of 7 out of 596 persons detained in detention centers has been arranged with their families so far during the last three months despite Supreme Court (SC) orders.