detention basin

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a storage site (such as a small reservoir) that delays the flow of water downstream

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Granite curbing, new 51/2 -foot sidewalks on both sides of the roadway, wheelchair ramps at intersections and a new stormwater management system with "deep sump hooded catch basins,'' three water quality swales and one detention basin will all be added.
The excess water spills into the detention basin via an overflow pipe and, when the storm has passed, the basin drains safely back into the public sewer system.
Once the soil medium within a detention basin is determined to no longer be effective in filtering storm water, the next step is to remove and dispose spent material and replace it with clean media (Ching 2001).
Basically, the bed acts like an underground detention basin during extreme storm events, with the added benefit of allowing infiltration.
Bandurraga said besides Meier and Bus canyons, officials are also concerned about the fire's impact on Lang Creek that drains from the burned out area to Thousand Oaks, but new debris and water detention basins should help reduce any heavy flows there.
The excess surface water will spill into the detention basin via an overflow pipe.
On a building site, detention can also be accomplished by using a detention basin, such as a drainage swale that floods during wet weather flow but is dry at other times, or by using an architectural feature, such as a decorative pond or lake, where the dry weather level is lower than the wet weather level, which is maintained in the "free board" of the basin.
While one small detention pond was built, Jones noted the site couldn't accommodate detention basins or bioswales large enough to hold the amount of stormwater that required treatment.
5 million, would involve the construction of a detention basin capable of handling 773 acre-feet of water.
Proceeds from the initial debt offering in 2003 financed storm drain and channel improvements, as well as culverts and facility design costs; the series 2007 proceeds will finance construction of a detention basin and the purchase of land for another basin.
Tenders are invited for drain project consists of the installation of a detention basin, berm, enclosed storm sewer, and drainage structures.
The money will be used to acquire four properties on Brightwood and Allston avenues, and to create a detention basin there.
69 acres in the area that serves as a detention basin.
Because the existing culvert restricts flow, the area upstream of the road may act as a detention basin, thereby reducing the peak flow to properties downstream.
Tenders are invited for Pittman North Detention Basin (Pittman North Detention Basin and Outfall Channel Phase III (19050))