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Synonyms for detector

any device that receives a signal or stimulus (as heat or pressure or light or motion etc

rectifier that extracts modulation from a radio carrier wave

electronic equipment that detects the presence of radio signals or radioactivity

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While these early detectors successfully detected the presence of dynamite vapor (nitroglycerin), which not only has a high vapor pressure but is also very electronegative, they could detect few other explosives.
Don't expect to read headlines declaring airport metal detectors unconstitutional.
Compared to other loop detectors, the MVP D-TEK vehicle loop detector features reduced current draw.
Fetal Heart Rate Ultrasound Detectors (Hand-Held) I-4
Both electrons and protons will be detected in the same silicon detectors.
Now, engineers have created a microscale ultraviolet light detector that's sturdier and consumes far less power, compared with ultraviolet-sensitive tubes.
e]) in the two detectors (i = 1,2) for neutron spin up and down, respectively, define the experimental asymmetry [A.
Those temperatures are too low for spark detectors to sense since visible sparks and embers are not detectable at temperatures below 700[degrees]C.
With radioactive sources hiding in some ferrous scrap supplies, this guide will help you select and use radiation detectors to protect your employees and operations.
Stealth knives'' that can slip through courthouse security unnoticed would be made detectable by metal detectors under legislation proposed by Assemblyman George Runner.
The reason for DeFazio's rage: the discovery that, six months after the chiefs of America's largest airlines had stood with President Clinton at the White House and declared the installation of fire detectors a priority project, not one new extinguisher or detector had been installed.
Fire detectors are the first line of defense in a fire.
Avago's new series of IR emitters and detectors can be used in devices such as smoke detectors, IR spotlights for cameras, and remote control devices.