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a narrative about someone who investigates crimes and obtains evidence leading to their resolution

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The block is the setting for one of her Poirot detective novels published in 1966, Third Girl, in which the heroine Norma shares a flat in Swan Court.
These events put a brutal end to my experience as a writer of detective novels and I found myself with two unpublished manuscripts in my drawers.
O'Yeah, being a writer himself, decided to pen his own series of detective novels set in the south Indian metropolis.
For a person with lofty standards who had written serious essays and a book on Nietzsche (1915) and The Creative Will (1916), he seems to have justified his condescending to the detective novel in the first paragraphs of his Scribners article in saying that different standards apply to different genres.
Critique: The late Elisabeth Sanxay Holding (1889-1955) was an American novelist and short story writer who primarily wrote detective novels in the hard-boiled school of detective fiction.
Oh yes, and in between times, she wrote 66 detective novels, 14 short story collections, six romances and the world's longest running play: The Mousetrap is in its 62nd year and counting.
As the clock ticks, Strike and Robin grapple with unseen challenges and convoluted connections in the style of great detective novels.
Leonardo Padura is probably the best-selling Cuban author right now, thanks to his dark detective novels that shed a dubious yet somehow appealing light on today's Havana.
India's culture-rooted crimes and Sweden's back side problems have found their way to the pages of detective novels to expose what is sometimes unseen by the rest of society.
Part travelogue, part detective story, Cold Tuscan Stone gives fans of Italian detective novels a new take on the genre.
Off late, several directors have put to work the good old Bengali Detective novels into films.
Other subjects are urban landscapes in the chronicles of Laurie Notaro, the detective novels of Jon Talton, and Phoenix as dystopia in Cherrie Moraga's Hungry Woman.
DCI Banks (ITV1 Wales, Friday, 9pm) [bar] THERE'S been a lot of book-to screen adaptation of lesser known detective novels recently, like Zen and Thorne to name but two.
He doesn't consider himself an author of detective novels per se, but he uses the genre as a way to get the reader involved in an intrigue, even as his primary concern is to write about violence as a syndrome of our society.