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a narrative about someone who investigates crimes and obtains evidence leading to their resolution

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Curiously, Wright distinguished the detective novel from other literature by its reliance on verisimilitude, the very thing he was attacked for.
Read The Lady From Zagreb as a superb detective novel.
From this came a good series of detective novels which spawned a TV series, though she still does not want to give up her philosophical ambitions.
In Rio fugitivo (Fugitive River, 1998), he describes the local bourgeoisie as he makes his foray into the detective novel.
Such was the popularity of Colin Dexter's detective novels that the TV version of the cantankerous detective's escapades ran to 20 more adventures than those detailed in the books.
Ian Morrison explores continuity and difference in Leonardo Sciascia's detective novels, both in terms of structures and themes, and demonstrates that in his latest detective novel, Il cavaliere e la morte, Sciascia has built on concerns, such power and reason, that he had theorized in his earlier works.
He loved to hunt and fish, and read detective novels.
Angioletti's art has always had its origins in physically decisive elements: Previous works were sired specifically in the underground vaults of the city of Milan (in Il paradigma indiziario [The Circumstantial Paradigm], 2009, produced by the Care of nonprofit art space in Milan) or the tower in Tubingen, the last place where the German poet Friedrich Holderlin lived (in Aussicht [Prospect], 2007); now, for instance, a treatise on detective novels by Siegfried Kracauer is the basis for 6 S.
As with all of Peter Robinson's detective novels, the action comes fast, complicated, and replete with memorable characters and unexpected plot twists from beginning to end.
BIRMINGHAM University-educated Sansom continues his rich and rewarding series of detective novels set during the reign of Henry VIII.
His Roy Grace detective novels have sold more than two million copies worldwide and been translated into 30 languages, including most recently Croatian and Hebrew.
The most visible effects of this later famous 1953 publication can be found in the magazine itself, in a number of articles in which the name of Pessoa and the topos of intelligence are at times invoked as a means of legitimizing detective novels, which were becoming very popular in Portugal at the time.
In this one, there is the wife who reads detective novels and may be the woman she reads about who is murdered.
The dedicated members read, discuss and review detective novels like Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes and they are one of the success stories of the Birmingham library fraternity.
REBUS author Ian Rankin is to recreate the messy flat where he started writing his famous detective novels.