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a lawman with less authority and jurisdiction than a sheriff

English landscape painter (1776-1837)

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The detective constable said when Stepp realised the victim was getting the better of her partner, she took the hair straighteners from her handbag and repeatedly stabbed him in the head.
Detective Constable Gilbert arrested him just before midday.
Anyone with information can call North York-k shire Police on 101 and ask for Detective Constable Scott Nugent - or email scott.
One of the Detective Constables was medically retired from the force in October 2013 whilst the other Detective Constable resigned from the force in March 2014.
Chief Superintendent Gill Imery said: "It is with the deepest regret I can confirm that Detective Constable Ian Smollet, who served in the Lothians and Scottish Borders division, has died after Thursday's collision.
Anyone who witnessed the raid or anyone who has information that could aid the police inquiry, is urged to call Detective Constable Ruby Babrah or Detective Constable Mick Duffy at Nuneaton CID on 01926 415000.
Kes Nattriss, 28, stabbed detective constable Luke Simms in the stomach as the plain-clothes officer attempted to arrest him at the Coral branch in Bracknell, Berkshire, on May 19 this year.
The harassment claims have been brought by Det Insp Dowson along with Detective Sergeant Michael Hoggins, Detective Sergeant Gordon Stewart, Inspector Steve Dunn, Detective Constable John Dixon and Detective Constable Nick Thompson.
Leslie Oake, the widow of Detective Constable Stephen Oake, who was stabbed to death in 2003, also attended alongside Carol Swindells, wife of Detective Constable Michael Swindells, who died aged 44 in Birmingham in 2000 after he was stabbed while attempting to arrest a suspect armed with a knife.
One detective constable did not attend but the case against him is being dealt with in his absence.
A PSNI detective constable made the disclosure at the city's Magistrate's Court during a joint bail application by two men from Co Meath.
Detective Constable Matthew Brotherton, investigating officer, said: "We want to warn businesses not to give these offenders the opportunity they are looking for.
As a result of the hearing a Gwent Police Detective Constable along with a PC and sergeant from South Wales Police have all been sacked by their respective forces.
As a result of the hearing, a Gwent Police detective constable along with a PC and sergeant from South Wales Police have all been sacked by their respective forces.
Detective Constable Ian Smollet, 35, was on foot when he was struck by the Leyland truck at junction two, just west of Edinburgh, on Thursday afternoon.