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oral antidepressant (trade name Desyrel) that is a nontricyclic drug used as a sedative

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Even during the three months of the trial I was on Thorazine, Stelazine, Triavil, Desyrel, and others.
01 percent chance of a seizure); Tenormin; Zoloft; Zoloft with Norpramin and Tenormin; Zoloft with Desyrel (warning: possibility of priapism); Desyrel alone; Buspar; Buspar with Desyrel; Buspar with lithium; Paxil with lithium; Paxil, lithium, and acidophilus (for stomachache side effects); Paxil with Pondimin (because Paxil made me eat like a pig); Paxil alone; Paxil with Synthroid (to raise thyroid levels); Serzone; Luvox; Prozac with Synthroid.
Another widely prescribed category of psychiatric drugs consists of antidepressants, the most common being Prozac, Pamelor, Elavil, Tofranil, Adapin, Sinequan, and Desyrel.
Some of the better known antidepressants prescribed in Canada and the USA are Elavil, Desyrel, Sinequan, Tofranil and Nardil.
These pharmaceuticals include Desyrel (trazodone HCl, an antidepressant), Amikin (amikacin sulfate), Naldecon (an O-T-C cough/cold remedy), atenolol and diltiazem (antihypertensives) and Trimox (a leading brand of amoxicillin).
Some patients will sleep well with natural therapies and/or 5 mg of Ambien and 25 mg of Desyrel.
Aripiprazole * Ability Bupropion * Wellbutrin Chlorpromazine * Thorazine Citalopram * Celexa Clonazepam * Klonopin Cydobenzaprine * Flexeril Dexamethasone * Decadron Docusate * Colace Enoxaparin * Lovenox Fluoxetine * Prozac Gabapentin * Neurontin Haloperidol * Haldol Hydromorphone * Dilaudid Levofloxacin * Levaquin Lidocaine ointment * Xylocaine Methadone * Dolophine Mirtazapine * Remeron Olanzapine * Zyprexa Omeprazole * Prilosec Ondansetron * Zofran Risperidone * Risperdal Tamsulosin * Flomax Trazodone * Desyrel Topiramate * Topamax Zolpidem * Ambien
New labeling for Desyrel (trazodone hydrochloride) alerts health care professionals about potential drug interactions with ketoconazole, ritonavir, and indinavir.
For example, there is no mention of priapism as an adverse effect of Desyrel (p.