destroying angel

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Synonyms for destroying angel

fungus similar to Amanita phalloides

extremely poisonous usually white fungus with a prominent cup-shaped base

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But it was strange to hear the milkman in the early morning, and the postman knocking his way along the street an hour later, and to be passed over by one destroying angel after another.
Her pale face became paler; the circles under her eyes deepened, as they did when tears half-gather without falling; and the mild loving eyes took an expression of appalled pity, as if she had suddenly discerned a destroying angel hovering over the heads of the people.
Confronting him, with a face that was a composite of destroying angel and Adonis, was a man holding a smoking revolver.
We saw numerous Destroying Angels which are related to the Death Cap, among the most toxic of the mushrooms and easily mistaken for button mushrooms or young horse mushrooms.
When Brigham Young set up a group of minutemen in Utah, saying that they were to battle rustlers and hostile Indians and the like, the group was quickly nicknamed the Destroying Angels, conflated with the old Danites, and feared as a secret squad of hit men.