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Synonyms for destroyer

something that causes total loss or severe impairment, as of one's health, fortune, honor, or hopes

Synonyms for destroyer

a small fast lightly armored but heavily armed warship

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Later we were fired upon by a destroyer, and two merchantmen turned and fled at our approach.
I've got a destroyer, one of the new type--forty knots an hour, a dear little row of four-inch guns, and, my God
And there were editorials written in which he was called an enemy of society, possessed of the manners and culture of a caveman, a fomenter of wasteful business troubles, the destroyer of the city's prosperity in commerce and trade, an anarchist of dire menace; and one editorial gravely recommended that hanging would be a lesson to him and his ilk, and concluded with the fervent hope that some day his big motor-car would smash up and smash him with it.
Telemon never sated with battle first brought light to our comrades by slaying blameless Melanippe, destroyer of men, own sister of the golden-girdled queen.
The Destroyer and the Builder are two manifestations of Will; the one prepares the way, and the other accomplishes the work; the first appears in the guise of a spirit of evil, and the second seems like the spirit of good.
Even as she spoke I drew near to her, as if in terror, lest at that very moment the destroyer had been near to rob me of her.
The weapon of the dead man was not to be found, and had doubtless, together with many other less valuable and lighter articles, that he was accustomed to carry about his person, become a prize to his destroyer.
The vessel is follow-on of P15A Kolkata-class destroyers with enhanced features.
Sayyari also referred to the launch of Iran's newly-made destroyer, 'Damavand', in the Caspian Sea on Monday, and said the destroyer enjoys more agility and higher technology compared with the previous models of Mowdge-class destroyers.
Navy guided missile destroyers will be receiving radio and communications systems design and integration support from BAE Systems.
China is working to build more warship destroyers in 2015, the (http://www.
In addition, the Navy official said that new domestically manufactured destroyers were also being manufactured by experts at the Marine Industries Organization of the Iranian Defense Ministry.
A FRESH hunt for heavy torpedoes for its new line of warships and a setback in the delivery of new destroyers has the Indian navy reeling under pressure of delay in major modernisation programmes.
American University in Cairo hosted an Ultimate Frisbee tournament last Friday which resulted in the CAC Destroyers being crowned champions
Iranian Navy officials have also earlier announced that the making of five other naval destroyers like and even more modern than the Jamarans are on its agenda to strengthen itself.