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warship smaller than a destroyer

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Most served on escort carriers, destroyers, destroyer escorts, and PT boats; and Sears follows them through training and into this climactic battle.
destroyers and destroyer escorts (or "tin cans" in Navy speak) charged the Japanese head-on.
Three years earlier the same warship,Scharnhorst, with her sister ship Gniesenau overwhelmed with devastating firepower our aircraft carrier Glorious and her two destroyer escorts, with the loss of 1,500 men in the same terrible Arctic conditions.
It had four destroyer escorts, but at any given time two of them were well beyond range of providing assistance.
L-3 Westwood equipment has been installed on a full range of naval vessels - from nuclear-powered aircraft carriers to destroyer escorts, submarines and special-purpose small boats.
In the first two chapters the reader learns about the intense sea-air patrols along the South Vietnamese coastline using destroyers, destroyer escorts, minesweepers, gunboats, Coast Guard cutters, SEAL teams, and new fast patrol boats (swift boats).
The Sea King came into service in December 1964 for use aboard the Bonaventure, and nine new Destroyer Escorts equipped with landing decks, hangars and a unique haul-down recovery system.
These included destroyers, destroyer escorts, light cruisers, landing ships and amphibious assault vessels, liberty ships, minesweepers, icebreakers, tankers and tenders.