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a substance that promotes drying (e

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Wide variety of dryer types include compressed air, compressed air with moisture-absorbent membrane, hot air, and dessicant dryers including large central-type dryers along with vacuum and vacuum/pressure conveying systems.
It also requires a transparent plastic lid, some dessicant (such as fragments of gypsum wallboard), a charging device (plastic and paper), a millimeter scale, a bit of wire or a metal pin, a clock to measure time, and a copy of the appropriate calibration table.
Sunbelt has dessicant dehumidifiers up to 15,000 cfm.
He claimed both incidents occurred because of errors by senior colleagues - the first because an out-of-date dessicant was used in a chemical process and the second because he was given the wrong laboratory `recipe'.
A range of dessicant compressed air dryers designed to mitigate the effects of the climate change levy is available from Hi-Line Industries Ltd.
That usually takes 2 to 4 hr at 176 F in a dessicant dryer with -40 F dewpoint.
In addition to DESI/AIR, Engelhard/ICC is introducing Desert Breeze, the industry's first all-electric dessicant air conditioning system that greatly improves cooling and humidity control at sharply reduced operating costs.
Tenders are invited for Silica Gel Dessicant Indicator Type B To Is, 3401-1992 With Grain Size Of Crystal 4 Mm To 6 Mm.
Tenders are invited for Dessicant Kit For Knorr-Bremse Make Air Dryer To Kbi Part No.
Introducing GDS PET dryer with ceramic honeycomb dessicant wheel and capacity to 990 lb/hr.
Tenders are invited for Dessicant Canister Kit Ad For Wdg 4 Wdp 4 Loco To Ftil P.
Tenders are invited for Dessicant Kit For Knorr Bremse Make Air Dryer To Knorr Bremse Part No.
Solicitation: uss pasadena (ssn 752) pier low pressure air compressor and dessicant dryer; provide