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still sweet wine often served with dessert or after a meal

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So now a Southport patisserie has put together a collection of beautiful cakes that are perfect for Easter - and taste heavenly with dessert wine.
Taste the Difference Sauternes (PS14, Sainsbury) is a lusciously sweet dessert wine full of Seville oranges, apricot and a seam of lemon; it has lip-licking apricot and honeycomb flavours which flatter and flirt with cheese.
Selections of sparkling wines and dessert wines are featured in their shops and online to help customers expand their toasting tools beyond Champagne and pair bubbly with a variety of dishes.
Dessert wines are made from late harvested grapes when the sun has photosynthesised the maximum sugar from the vine into the grapes.
Learn to pronounce, describe and present the dessert wines and other beverages you carry.
Some recipes call for Marsala, others recommend brandy or rum while others use sweet dessert wine.
The fruity dessert wines now have fancier names such as Cassis (black currant), Framboise (raspberry), Logan (loganberry) and Oro (hazelnut).
Lenny's Liquors will provide a number of different wines for sampling, including some dessert wines.
A lot of it is made sweet, including the great dessert wines of Sauternes, Barsac, Monbazillac and my favourite, Saussignac.
This also coincided with the perfect conditions for a botrytis infection, known as noble rot, which can result in distinctive sweet dessert wines.
Higher in alcohol than most dessert wines and works great with strawberries.
We also have glasses for Pinot Noir, Syrah and Zinfandel, dessert wines and champagne.
When I got back I explained to the waiter the mistake and asked for two dessert wines instead.
wineries are now reporting increased interest in these wines, however, and they are responding with more and be tter dessert wines.