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(Greek mythology) daughter of Zeus and Demeter

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Seventh-seed Despoina Vogasari (left) from Greece will face Deborah Chiesa in the final while top-seed Julian Lenz (centre) from Germany takes on compatriot Constantin Christ (right) for the boys' title in the ITF Junior tennis tournament today.
Girls' singles semi-finals: Despoina Vogasari bt Maurien Rikkert 6-3, 6-3; Deborah Chiesa bt Naz Karagoz 6-1, 6-1.
Despoina, bear with me Despoina, bear with me A little longer yet: In fevered curse and fret I have borne me evilly.
anie Moore (probably no earlier than September 1917), the debate among Lewis scholars about whether or not Despoina is a veiled reference to Moore might be resolved.
Paletz, Michael Friend, Victor Fan, Despoina Theodorou and Ann Martin in the U.
Maria Despoina Archontaki; Sian Ellen Barnett; Ashleigh Bower; Hannah Louise Collins; Kayleigh Louise Dale; Laura Ann Dennington; Nina Michelle Douglas; Katie Jo Elliott; Jenna Grocott; Jennifer Hart; Charlotte Hughes; Annaliese Pauline Jowsey; Rachel Lauder; Amy Lawson-Mayhew*; Sarah Luther; Sarah-Louise Morris; Lauren Murphy; Shikha Nath; Louise Barbara Nichol; Christopher John Rosenbrier; Rachel Rowland; Claire Victoria Scott; Lauren Smith * with Distinction.
The main thesis of this essay is that Lewis refers to Janie Moore as [DELTA] because, in Greek, his nickname for her was Despoina.
Before an argument is made that Lewis called Janie Moore Despoina, Lewis's use of Despoina in his poems should be considered.
The next three quatrains are in the poet's persona, and Despoina does not reappear.
This brief address to Despoina does not tell a reader much about her.
In classical Arcadia, Despoina was the title of a goddess, a title which may be Englished as "The Mistress.
Thus, because of the identification of Despoina with Kore and Kore with Persephone, and sometimes of Despoina directly with Persephone, and since Persephone was the Queen of Hades, Lewis chooses her appropriately to speak to men about the views of those in the metaphoric grave (in the second stanza of "Apology").
And in the upper half, Maurien Rikkert of the Netherlands got past Ipek Soylu of Turkey to set a meeting against Despoina Vogasari of Greece, who took pain-killers for a stiff lower back and accounted for third seeded Skye Hopper of Australia 6-2, 6-4.
Girls' singles) Barbara Haas bt Despoina Vogasari 6-1, 6-2; (girls' doubles) De Castro Coelho/Oksana Koshman bt Varvara Flink/Maria Limanskaya 6-2, 6-4.
The thirty-ninth poem, "World's Desire," is one of the three poems addressed to a woman in the book: "Apology" and "Ode for New Year's Day" are addressed to Despoina (and she seems clearly a woman, not a goddess, in "Ode"), and this one is addressed to "Love.