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Grossly, desmoid tumors are firm, rubbery, white, non-encapsulated, fibrous-appearing lesions.
Clonal chromosomal abnormalities in desmoid tumors.
Management of desmoid tumors includes wide local surgical excision despite high local recurrence rates ranging from 24% to 77% over the course of 10 years.
The condition has gained attention in recent days because Rosie O'Donnell's wife, Michelle Rounds, had surgery to treat desmoid tumors just before getting hitched to the comedian in June.
Grossly, desmoid tumors are typically well-circumscribed, but may have irregular or infiltrating borders.
In the pleura, these tumors include sarcomatoid carcinoma, malignant mesothelioma, fibrous tumor, and desmoid tumor.
htm) Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation , they arise from connective tissue, which are the cells involved with the formation of muscle, fibrous and nerve tissue.
11) Estrogen appears to play a role in aggressive fibromatosis, which might explain the occasional association of desmoid tumor with pregnancy and its higher incidence in women of child-bearing age.
Other lesions to be included in the histologic differential diagnosis are solitary myofibroma, fibrous histiocytoma, desmoid tumor, and spindle cell lipoma.
Surgical excision of the mass revealed that it was a desmoid tumor.
Desmoid tumors may also enter into the differential diagnosis, but in general these tumors are relatively more cellular with myofibroblastic proliferation and have more infiltrative borders.
Computed tomography of desmoid tumors of bone: desmoplastic fibroma.
Miettinen (17) further addressed this issue in 2001; he concluded that it is the choice of antibody and method used, specifically antibody dilution, which determines c-kit positivity in desmoid tumors.
Of 284 desmoid tumors reviewed by Masson and Soule at the Mayo Clinic, 34 (12%) were located in the head and neck.
Organized by level of difficulty, they relate to magnetic resonance imaging, image-guided biopsy, imaging of high-risk lesions, high-risk patient management, invasive lobular carcinoma, complex cystic cancer, male breast cancer, mucinous carcinoma, desmoid tumors, and other conditions.