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type genus of the Desmodontidae: vampire bats

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Palabras clave: Desmodus rotundus, albinismo, Corrientes, Argentina.
An excellent example for mammals is the contemporary distribution of the common vampire bat Desmodus rotundus.
Social grooming in the common vampire bat, Desmodus rotundus.
In addition, the presence of Desmodus rotundus (Phyllostomidae: Desmodontinae), and Cynomops mexicanus, Molossus molossus, and M.
Analysis of the nonhematophagus bat species captured within of eradication of Desmodus rotundus (E.
A previous survey, which verified the occurrence of bat species per regions (Amazon Rainforest, Cerrado, Pantanal, Chaco and Southeast), recorded only 19 bat species for Pantanal: Artibeus lituratus, Carollia perspicillata, Chiroderma villosum, Cynomops planirostris, Desmodus rotundus, Diaemus youngi, Eumops auripendulus, Eptesicus furinais, Glossophaga soricina, Myotis albescens, M.
cultured Bat species Conguaco Oratorio San Lucas Toliman Artibeus jamaicensis 0/3 0/2 0 Artibeus lituratus 0/1 0/1 0/1 Artibeus toltecus 1/1 0 0 Carollia castanea 0 0 0 Carollia perspicillata 0 0/2 0/3 Desmodus rotundus 5/7 2/4 0/1 Glossophaga soricina 1/1 0/3 1/5 Micronycteris microtis 0 0 0 Myotis elegans 0 0 0 Myotis nigricans 00 0 Phyllostomus discolor 7/8 0 1/1 Platyrrhinus helleri 0 0 0 Pteronotus davyi 0 0 0 Sturnira lilium 1/3 0/5 0/2 Sturnira ludovici 0/1 0 0/1 Total 15/25 2/17 2/14 No.
La caracterizaci6n molecular identifico al murcielago Desmodus rotundus como la fuente viral.
Of the three known species --Diphylla ecaudata, Diaemus youngi, and Desmodus rotundus (the common vampire) --only the latter has been known to feed on mammals and thus has possibly transmitted rabies virus in the human outbreaks studied (9).
Desmodus rotundus poses a serious treat both for animal and human health in Latin America as this species is a major reservoir for rabies virus in this region [13], what has restricted investigations on the importance of these bats as potential carriers of other viral pathogens.
Desmodus rotundus se caracteriza por la variedad de refugios que utiliza, ya que se le puede encontrar en huecos de arboles y ramas, tuneles y minas abandonadas, casas habitadas o no, asi como en grietas de rocas y cuevas (Greenhall et al.
O objetivo deste trabalho e comparar as papilas linguais dos morcegos frugivoros Carollia perspicillata, nectarivoros Glossophaga soricina e hematofagos Desmodus rotundus atraves do MEV.