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Isoflavanones from the allelopathic aqueous root exudate of Desmodium undnatum.
The system does not need synthetic nitrogen because desmodium is a legume and fixes nitrogen.
Better yet, Costus specious, Desmodium gangeticum and Mimosa pudica are even considered weeds due to their potentially high growth rate.
The exudate is predominantly lipid in Parkia pendula, Inga congesta, Swartzia dipetala, Taralea oppositifolia and Gliricidia sepium', protein in Crotalaria lanceolata', lipoprotein in Bauhinia curvula, Hymenaea courbaril, Indigofera lespedezioides and Desmodium incanum', and composed of lipids and polysaccharides in Tipuana tipu and Platycyamus regnelli (Table 2).
In Kenya, thousands of farmers are planting insect-repelling desmodium, or tick clover, in their cornfields to keep bugs away; the clover (;an also be used as animal fodder.
Among examples, thousands of Kenyan farmers were planting insect-repelling desmodium or tick clover, used as animal fodder, within corn fields to keep damaging insects away and sowed small plots of napier grass nearby that excretes a sticky gum to trap pests.
The "push-pull" method has been developed by the Kenyan research institute icipe and is based on intercropping Desmodium and corn.
Valor nutritivo e utilizacao do feno de Desmodium ovalifolium em substituicao ao feno de alfafa para coelhos em crescimento.
In addition, in Ghana, Jamaica, Colombia, and Venezuela, people sometimes treat asthma and cough with desmodium adscendens, the extract of a tropical plant.
2007) ressaltaram a eficacia do acido sulfurico na superacao da impermeabilidade do tegumento e apos extensa revisao citaram alguns autores que pesquisaram a utilizacao deste tratamento quimico na superacao de dormencia de varias especies: Franke e Baseggio (1998), em Desmodium incanum DC e Lathynus nervores Lam.
Most recently, he completed a taxonomic and distributional study of Desmodium in Alabama.
The legume genus Desmodium Desvaux consists of over 300 species with a nearly worldwide distribution.