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Synonyms for Desmanthus

genus of American herbs or shrubs with sensitive pinnate leaves and small whitish flowers

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especially auriculata and purpurea), Allium canadense, Apocynum cannabinum, Asclepias tuberosa, Desmanthus illinoensis, Desmodium spp.
SC/NM 5 N V R Su MIMOSACEAE Desmanthus illinoensis (Michx.
Of this group, several are considered true calciphiles: Aster ontarionis (Ontario aster), Cornus drummondii (roughleaf dogwood), Crataegus calpodendron (pear hawthorn), Dasistoma macrophylla (mullein foxglove), Desmanthus illinoensis (prairie bundleflower), Lithospermum tuberosum (tuberous gromwell), Quercus shumardii (Shumard's oak), Ruellia strepens (limestone wild petunia), and Smallanthus uvedalia (hairy leafcup).
Only one species, Desmanthus pringlei was in the low plains (Tamaulipan thornscrub and piedmont scrub) besides being present in oak-pine forest, <1,400 m elevation.
emoryanus, Caesalpinia caudata, Caesalpinia mexicana, Dalea laniceps, Desmanthus pringlei, D.
The 9 genera and 25 species of Mimosoideae were distributed in these high elevations and cool climates, dominated by Acacia (9 species), Mimosa (4), and Desmanthus (3).
X Cynanchum barbigerum X X Cynodon dactylon X Cyperus articulatus X X X Desmanthus virgatus X Dichanthium annulatum X Dichanthium aristatum X Dichanthium sericeum X Distichlis spicata X X X X Echinocereus sp.
The most important forbs were Commelina erecta, Lesquerella lindheimeri, Nothoscordum bivalve, Ambrosia psilostachya, and Desmanthus virgatus.