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the top of a desk

(computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear

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HP VDI complements other HP client virtualization offerings, including the HP Consolidated Client Infrastructure and Citrix solutions that extend the reach of virtual desktops over longer distances.
Citrix Desktop Broker, the first phase in the Dynamic Desktop Initiative, will enable our customers to enjoy better access to a complete range of web and desktop applications from their virtual desktops.
The goal of our Dynamic Desktop Initiative is to equip organizations with a better way to deliver desktops as a service to task-oriented office workers anywhere, anytime," explains Mark Templeton, president and chief executive officer of Citrix.
The two lines of Core 2 Duo-enabled ThinkCentre desktops include the M55p, M55, M55e, A55 and A53 models and offer enterprises maximum choice for processor technology, graphics and form factors and the lowest total cost of ownership.
The "Desktop Usage Policies and Trends Survey" is an international survey designed to provide insight into how IT departments are managing policies regarding the usage of company-owned desktops and laptops.
The benefit of giving users a Windows Desktop running inside a virtual machine rather than running everything on the desktop is the enhanced level of security and reliability.
Devon IT and Mainline Information Systems today announced a virtual desktop and thin client terminal bundle using VMware ESX.
For example, IT can be notified when an unrecognized application suddenly appears across a number of desktops.
No requirement to install agent software on desktops that are on the corporate network
In the review, titled "Affordable IT: Desktop Management Suites," the magazine praises ScriptLogic for Desktop Authority's usability, patch management and technical support: "We gave Editor's Choice to ScriptLogic's Desktop Authority.
AppSense software secures thousands of organizations and is installed on hundreds of thousands of desktops and servers across the world in mid-to-large organizations and across many industries such as Public Sector, Finance, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare.
IT personnel at companies of all sizes use Desktop Authority, ScriptLogic's comprehensive desktop management solution, to secure Windows networks and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) with functionality to proactively configure, manage, support and inventory desktops from a central location.
The flexible PGP suite allows customers to phase-in gateway, partner, mobile or internal email security; data storage protection for laptops, desktops, and removable media; IM encryption; and FTP/batch transfer security using a single key management and recovery infrastructure.
The integration of KANA Agent IQ and desktop search enables agents to continue working in the knowledge base while also seamlessly pulling information from their own desktops.