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a portable computer small enough to use in your lap

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Designed as desktop replacements, Toshiba's A-series notebooks offer users a range of designs to choose from including business value, high end performance and content creation.
A docking station with multiple swappable jackets ranging from Quad-RAID hard drive configurations to desktop full size PCI-Express slots will be optimally also available making the Olympus among the most powerful and versatile desktop replacement notebooks on the market.
Designed as an all-in-one digital home entertainment console, the feature-rich Satellite P25-S509 desktop replacement notebook PC combines DVD playback/recording and CD functionality with a 17.
Eliminating the need for a bulky desktop PC while adding the flexibility to remain mobile, the metallic blue Satellite A25-S279 is a powerful desktop replacement notebook PC that is a welcome addition to any college dorm room or home office environment.
The mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processor 2800+ enables best-in-class graphics and wireless connectivity for users who demand dynamic power management and performance in a full-size desktop replacement notebook.
Specifically, the notebook range has been divided into four functional groups - Desktop Replacement, Mobility at Work, Small Office Home Office solutions and Home Entertainment - and that address the specific needs of each target group
The Travelstar's new performance speed also helps to support an industry trend toward using notebooks as a desktop replacement.
The Versa LXi notebook computer is a desktop replacement system designed to deliver the performance and multi-media features demanded by presenters.
com notebooks are powerful, expandable desktop replacement solutions designed for the mobile professional.
Acer defines these two new notebook series as Desktop Replacement following a new communication and marketing strategy that associates different user profiles - Home/Private Users, Professional and Small Business Solutions, Small and Medium Companies and Enterprises - with specific product ranges.