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(computer science) the use of microcomputers with graphics capacity to produce printed materials

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You should be artistic with an interest in photography, with experience in graphic design and desktop publishing software.
Click OK and you're done - the new font will appear for selection in your word processor or desktop publishing software.
It has focused mostly on publishing related software products, starting from Wordwise, a hugely popular Word Processor in the '80s, to desktop publishing software (Impression) and graphics products in the '90s for the Acorn RISC computer.
Software company Quark Inc has announced that QuarkXPress 7, the next version of its desktop publishing software, will run natively on both Power PC and Intel-based Macs.
They provide ideas for developing your ideas, working with copy editors, indexing, using desktop publishing software, and developing cover and interior artwork.
They used database packages, desktop publishing software, digital cameras and paint packages to present the information collected.
Using desktop publishing software and high quality copiers and printers, technologically adept crooks can create very realistic bills, and according to Wells Fargo Bank's "Countering Counterfeiters," because these crooks "operate on such a small scale, they're harder to apprehend and more of their products are circulated.
Today's desktop publishing software gives, you many options for creating your own letterhead, business cards, and promotional materials, offering templates that you can customize.
Document data and text content encoded with XML can be posted to Internet Web sites, processed with desktop publishing software for distribution on CD-ROM media, and used in e-commerce applications.
With new generations of low-cost color copiers and printers, laser printers and desktop publishing software most anyone can turn out brochures, data sheets and newsletters.
Graphics and desktop publishing software house Adobe Systems Inc reported third-quarter results that easily topped expectations as new products were met with high demand.
RVR could find its way into applications ranging from desktop publishing software to catheter-based medical lasers.
Finished layouts are then designed using a Macintosh computer with desktop publishing software.
You don't have to be a publisher to find desktop publishing software useful for your small business.
The written directives for the Prince George's County, Maryland, Police Department are printed in a three-column, newsprint-style format, using desktop publishing software.