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a personal computer small enough to fit conveniently in an individual workspace

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Teachers, students and parents who are too busy, don't have a computer or on the road don't have to worry about finding a desk-top computer.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- Honeywell and Flight Explorer(R) today announced an integration of services that will enable aircraft operators to use the Flight Explorer aircraft situation display to track their business aircraft nearly anywhere in the world using a desk-top computer.
All transactions are in the public realm and in real time so that anyone connected to the Internet with a desk-top computer will be able to see blocks of power being bought and sold.
From a desk-top computer, point and click operations create multimedia patient records which can include video clips and still images.
Then, the movie can be watched on a laptop or desk-top computer or, more likely, on a television if it has computer access.
Cited as the best multimedia system for new computer users with a PC Magazine Editors' Choice, as a superior value with a Best Buy from Consumer Digest, as the best desk-top computer by Computer Retail Week, and as a gold industrial design excellence award winner from BusinessWeek and the Industrial Designers Society of America, the Acer Aspire redefined consumers' expectations for home PCs.
Subscribers can either rent or buy a Ricochet modem, which attaches to the serial port of a laptop, desk-top computer, or a personal digital assistant (PDA).
Equipped with ARDIS PersonalMessaging software and a radio modem, any notebook or desk-top computer becomes a real-time two-way messaging device.
They also considered consumer trends which have seen wider and more frequent use of mobiles to trawl the internet compared with laptops or desk-top computers.
Nowadays, few people could live without computers, either as traditional desk-top computers, lap- tops and I-pads, or to enable their phone, fridge, car or TV to work.
s desk-top computers, Apple Computer's flat-panel computers and fourth-generation iPhones.
Google wants to make e-books available to all devices with web browsers, from mobile phones to desk-top computers, challenging AmazonEoe1/4aos Kindle e-book reader which forces buyers to buy books through the company.
Up to 60,000 people face delays in their claims for pensions and benefits after 80 per cent of the DWP's desk-top computers in 1,000 offices crashed.
Around 80% of the desk-top computers across the whole department, including Longbenton, were hit but we are now 95% back to normal.