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Synonyms for desktop

the top of a desk

(computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear

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Featuring a matte-black cabinet with bezeled edges and sleek low-profile design, these units compliment virtually any PC or Mac computer, while saving valuable desk-top real estate.
National Semiconductor's iPower technology makes possible an exciting array of new commercial and personal applications coupled with 'point-of-use' desk-top purchasing," said Robert A.
In addition to its compact physical size, this desk-top unit offers an original, back-lit display with soft keys for ease of use.
BuilderMT offers "Click to Learn" training (which can be done from the builder's desktop) and One-Click Software "Auto-Updates," where the latest version of BuilderMT is available for instant download through a convenient desk-top link.
We are adding this to a battery of high-end wireless test gear, including desk-top and rack-mount isolation tools and customized vector and signal analyzers as well as some of the best conformance analysis tools in the industry.
Maxspeed Corporation (booth #5460), develops HIPAA compliant, mobile notebook-style thin clients and desk-top thin clients
The program offers students an opportunity to take their turn as "laboratory scientists," performing desk-top experiments using common ingredients found in supermarkets, homes and classrooms.
Web-based GoToMyPC is a good choice for remote access to desk-top PCs since it is extremely fast, easy and secure to use, and provides an identical office desktop experience from remote locations.
WiFi has enabled a wide array of inexpensive communication devices that are utilized in desk-top computing, networking, PDA's etc.
The AP Intelligent Mail Switch works equally well with server and desk-top based e-mail filters.
Billing facilities complete the solution for detailed reporting that includes management of account hierarchies down to the desk-top level.
Using a browser-based interface, PortPro provides desk-top access to bond administration and information.