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the top of a desk

(computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear

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aACAoGold Package -- 40 desk top flags and 15 white scarves and five blue scarves -- Dh3,000
Specially designed for children, the computer, with a Mickey-shaped flat-panel monitor, is a scaled-down version of the adult PC, including Disney screens avers and desk top patterns, and applications such as Flix (for making film clips), Pix (a drawing programme) and Mix (to make music).
This one year, hands-on course will offer students a solid grounding in desk top support while equipping them with the fundamental skills and training required to enter the IT industry as technical support professionals.
By far the most common source of clutter are acres of papers, files and other documents which accounted for 92% of desk top space.
The top of the stacked file drawer cabinets was, in effect, a long, narrow desk in the middle of which a computer and monitor rested; a pullout drawer for the keyboard was installed in the "kneehole" space between the stacked drawers under the desk top.
Supply Desk Top PC"s, Thin Client Systems and Mobile Devices, with upgrade options.
THIS simple piece of software, linked to a scanner, converts your desk top into a ``virtual'' filing cabinet so that you can organise your paperwork and photos so they're easier to find.
Maintaining a simplified work space is a constant challenge, but finding both time and space-saving desk top tools that are easy to use is half the battle," says Denton.
Our system is so compact that it can sit on a desk top to rapidly identify avian flu virus through the method of direct RT-PCR amplification, which is the fast approach to detect the avian flu H5N1 strain.
will have three year exclusive rights in Korea, to sell, service, and distribute VideoLan's VL 2000 Desk Top Multimedia Products.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Desk Top Computers.
Such software, coupled with the wide availability of digital connections from Bell Atlantic, means our customers will be able to bring multiple business applications to a single desk top, whether the desk is at the main office, a branch office or an office in the home.
Broadcast monitoring has been around for years, but what makes our product line unique is the extensive coverage, the ability to increase that coverage quickly based on demand, and most importantly the rapid transmission of the information to the desk top.
Limited Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Desk Top Computers
Based on customers' defined tolerances, Open Ratings' solutions generate desk top alerts when something appears to put the supplier's viability or stability at risk, which can be acted upon as needed, in some cases that entails intervention directly with supplier; alternatively the company may seek another source.