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the top of a desk

(computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear

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aACAoPlatinum package-- 50 desk top flags, 10 Blue shade scarves and 20 white scarves -- Dh4,000
The desk top PC is far more flexible, cost effective and easier to use.
New for 2004 is the uni's Certificate of Higher Education in Desk top Computing Technical Support.
The best ergonomic desks exhibit two features: They're L- or U-shaped, and mount an adjustable keyboard drawer below the desk top, looking something like the designs below.
According to the agreement, Ellie Mae will provide direct integration from its three loan origination systems--Encompass, Genesis 2000 and Contour--into the actual desk top applications that appraisers use, by building a custom Ellie Mac plug-in for a la mode's XSite Order Manager product and by building new custom facilities within Ellie Mac's suite of LOS products.
So here is a small selection of desk top gear and equipment to help clear your desk, and hopefully your mind, too.
Our system is so compact that it can sit on a desk top to rapidly identify avian flu virus through the method of direct RT-PCR amplification, which is the fast approach to detect the avian flu H5N1 strain.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Desk Top Computers.
Limited Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Desk Top Computers
Broadcast monitoring has been around for years, but what makes our product line unique is the extensive coverage, the ability to increase that coverage quickly based on demand, and most importantly the rapid transmission of the information to the desk top.
Lincolnshire County Council is keen to drive improvement in school performance and wishes to undertake a desk top review to assess whether the methodology it currently uses to allocate funding to schools is appropriate, or could be altered to help improve educational outcomes for the county as a whole, and for specific types of school and groups of young people.
Based on customers' defined tolerances, Open Ratings' solutions generate desk top alerts when something appears to put the supplier's viability or stability at risk, which can be acted upon as needed, in some cases that entails intervention directly with supplier; alternatively the company may seek another source.
Tenders are invited for providing of Desk Top Digital Ic Tester Wi/Access Advanced Desk Top Digital Ic Tester.
Desk top Stationary - Adhesives/Rubber Bands etc Desk top Stationary - Paper Clips/Clip boards etc Labels Sticky notes/Tags/staples/stamps Diaries/books/planners/notebooks Envelopes Files/boxes Writing Instruments Computors Accessories Associated Products Calculators/bins/cash boxes Desk Tidys/drawer units Hole punches/mag racks Beverages/Catering Batteries/torches/Lamps Office Equipment Security Safety Hygiene Post Room Presentation and Display First Aid Misc (fridges/freezer/luggage/Photographic/telephony etc)