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an island territory of France located in the eastern West Indies

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Y ya es notoria la que aparecio en la localidad de Morne Cybele, en la pequena isla de Desirade, frente a la Grande-Terre de Guadalupe, un ano antes.
None of those living in remote La Desirade back then could have known the tot would go on to become one of the world's best footballers surrounded by wealth and adulation.
Among other locations, parts of Antigua, Granada, and Guyana and all of La Desirade (an island associated with Guadeloupe) and Chacachacare (an island associated with Trinidad) served as leper colonies.
The story begins shortly before 1928 with the birth of Nina in la Desirade, Guadeloupe, and ends in 1990s Boston with the story of Marie-Noelle.
The French Caribbean Islands consist of Martinique and Guadeloupe and its offshore islands of Marie Galante, Les Saintes, La Desirade, Saint Barthelemy, and St.
Remove 2x2 letters--most common core words appear 3 times ARIS & SIRA: DESIRADE (Guadeloupe, W Indies), HEARISHE, TSARISTS CHES: ENCHESEN, ISCHESIS (S), SECHESSE CNES: SECNESSE, ENSENCEN, ESSENCES ETAR & RATE: KARATEKA, LYRATELY, STRATEST Example of a longer core but fewer occurrences: STAND: ANSTANDAN, TO STAND TO
La Desirade is one of the satellite islands of Guadeloupe; its name serves to launch a symbolic starburst of ideas presenting the islands of the Caribbean as lands of desire and vitality, newfound freedom, fertility and hope, and creativity.
A tropical storm watch was issued for the British Virgin Islands, Antigua, Barbuda and Anguilla, Montserrat, Nevis, St Kitts, Guadeloupe, Maria-Galante, Desirade, Les Saintes, St Bart and St Martin.
Biological control of Biomphalaria glabrata by Melanoides tuberculata on Desirade Island, French West Indies.
Segregation analysis in a population from Desirade Island (French West Indies) has demonstrated that susceptibility to leprosy (regardless of the clinically defined subtype) is controlled by a major gene not linked to the major histocompatibility complex (52).
The grandmother, Nina, never leaves Desirade, the tiny island where she was born.
Dieudonne comes back to an unspecified island and the village of Grand Arise (sic), a blurring signal for the Desirade, one of Guadeloupe's satellite islands of which Conde wrote: "a lingering joke wants to turn Desirade, in the event of independance, into the jail where they would keep under house arrest writers, intellectuals, artists and other 'deviants' who had gone awry from the official political course.
This contract aims to entrust a provider marine transfer of household and similar waste of Desirade to Guadeloupe Continental.
2) A small island to the east of Guadeloupe, called La Desirade in French.