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  • noun

Synonyms for designer

Synonyms for designer

a person who specializes in designing architectural interiors and their furnishings

someone who creates plans to be used in making something (such as buildings)

someone who specializes in graphic design

a person who devises plots or intrigues

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With the software programmability available through the Processor Designer flow, users can make adjustments for late changes in the standards and provide devices that can be programmed for different standards.
Even though two designers have their plans rejected, they still get free exposure on the show.
Soft Surfaces: Visual Research for Artists, Architects and Designers by Judy A.
Casillo, formerly executive designer for Oldsmobile and Buick, is appointed executive designer for Buick and Cadillac.
In addition to providing pro-bono design services, designers also procured donated materials and furnishings to complete their rooms.
Baggy, brightly colored hip-hop clothes have gone mainstream in American youth fashion, and the result has brought small fortunes to a cadre of black designers.
Honors include 1995 California Designer of the Year; 1997 California Fashion Performance Award; 1997 City of Hope Spirit of Life Award; member of Council of Fashion Designers of America.
Innovative Semiconductors([R]) (Innovative), the premier supplier of IP PHY and controller logic, today announced a new pricing model that allows chip designers to test Innovative IP in their chip designs via an evaluation license before committing to a full license.
She joked about designers not having the ego to dress themselves, so they dress actors, but added, ``We've been longing for the opportunity to thank you for the art of costume design for so long.
Many young designers don't realize that they can't go to a bank or the investment community without a business plan.
Quark Interactive Designer is a powerful but easy-to-use product that will provide a whole new generation of designers with Flash skills," Kurz said.
Turk competed against four other high-profile local designers nominated by members of the fashion press.
Though this is starting to change, slowly, the number of African-American interior designers is also outrageously low.
DENVER -- Designing interactive layouts in a flash is quickly becoming the new rage among designers.
They allowed the imaginations of 42 interior designers to roam through their sprawling 18-room house.