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Synonyms for stubble




Synonyms for stubble

material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds

short stiff hairs growing on a man's face when he has not shaved for a few days

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David Beckham, who is currently sporting a designer stubble, came third, while grey-bearded George Clooney and Ben Affleck, who has a full face fuzz, took the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.
But if it is based on someone with designer stubble saying "We thought it might be quite fun to do a Hovis", then you should run not only for the hills but also to an- other agency.
It won a worldwide audience and persuaded an entire generation of men that designer stubble and pastel shades were the height of fashion.
The designer stubble seemed to be appreciated by the ladies.
George is the world's greatest ambassador for designer stubble and shades.
And they've all gone a bit glam as well; the Tarquins with their designer stubble and over-styled hair all resembling moonlighting Donna Karan models rather than telephone sales execs from Hastings.
I think the packaging is pretty good, with its dark colours and original font, though I'm not sure about the pirate and his designer stubble.
In this city, too, designer stubble and dark-mirrored bars act as a backdrop to the slightly more frequent external gossip from Europe (it's nearer and Israelis have to get out frequently to preserve their sanity).
Unsmiling, and with mop hair and designer stubble, Oberoi makes a strong impression as the young company man who turns against him--not because he sees the light between good and bad, but simply to teach his onetime boss a lesson in kind.
He cut my father's hair and he has cut mine all my life, ever since I was a child," says Norten, a lanky, accessible 48-year-old with designer stubble and a Polo shirt, in his industrial-hip offices in the Condesa.
The new subject flourished in the 'designer decade' of the 1980s, when consciousness of design reached unprecedented heights in everything from designer jeans to designer socialism and designer stubble, people went round as unpaid walking advertisements wearing famous designers' monograms on the outside of their clothes, and business executives paid fortunes for logos and corporate identity gimmicks.
Remington[R] has an established position at the cutting edge of technology, creating superior products through the decades that help give men confidence to be ready for anything - from the clean-cut look of the 1950s, to the sideburns of the 1970s, and to the designer stubble of today's modern man.
But while earlier pictures of Bobby show a clean-shaven guy, it's his designer stubble that's propelled him from cute to seriously hot.
He said a further distinguishing characteristic of those who are elected to office in trade unions "is often straggly beards - halfway between designer stubble and a real beard, such growths are probably indicative of a hormone defi-ciency".