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a fine coating of oxide on the surface of a metal

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Desert varnish has been dated on other Panaramitee engraving sites to between 10 000 and 30 000 years ago (Dragovich 1986; Nobbs & Dorn 1988, 1993--although see also Krinsley et al.
The canyon's twisting wind- and water-carved walls, deep red and stained by desert varnish, shut out the outside world.
Their exteriors, embedded with rough copper slag from a mine 70 miles away, echo the patina known as desert varnish on the petroglyphs.
Ancient artists created petroglyphs by scraping away a dark, mineral-rich coating called desert varnish (SN: 1/3/04, p.
Brown-colored desert varnish, which has built up on the rocks over the centuries because of minerals in the water, helps many of the petroglyphs really stand out.
The boat trip continues to Antelope Canyon; its steep, sheer walls covered with desert varnish look like tapestry.
Many petroglyphs left by ancient cultures were created when artists scraped away areas of dark desert varnish and exposed the lighter rock beneath.
The coloring is called desert varnish, which takes thousands of years of form.