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any of various leaping rodents of desert regions of North America and Mexico

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Another concern is that a British Land Rover captured by Iraqis near Basra on Sunday, could be packed with explosives and easily driven up to a convoy of Desert Rats before exploding as a car bomb.
Although he admits there is a long way to go, Marriott is optimistic the Desert Rats can make a big difference in Iraq.
But they in turn faced the might of the Desert Rats, who bombarded their positions.
Two Desert Rats were killed yesterday when their Challenger was attacked by British forces as it was engaged in a battle with Iraqi forces near Basra.
After a brief firefight the Desert Rats cleared and secured a cordon along the border allowing other elements of the brigade to crash through.
The deployment includes Headquarters 1(UK) Armoured Division, with support from 7th Armoured Brigade, better known as the Desert Rats, along with 16 Air Assault Brigade and 102 Logistics Brigade.
I was badly wounded during the Second World War while serving in Tunisia with the Desert Rats, so I know what these men and women are going through.
THE Desert Rats have signed up internet football fans to kit out kids in Iraq with Scottish strips.
Latest action was concentrated on Basra, where Desert Rats wiped out a squadron of Iraqi tanks in what experts claimed as the biggest landbattle for 50 years.
In recent war game exercises in Canada, Desert Rats stunned observers by hitting four simulated tanks and two trucks in quick succession while travelling at 40mph.
Earlier, it emerged that another soldier who was shot on Sunday and died yesterday was a Desert Rats tank commander.
At El Alamein in 1942, the Desert Rats fought off Axis troops led by Rommel and led the Allied victory parade in Berlin in 1945.
Front-line soldiers from 2RTR, known throughout the world as the Desert Rats, tested the Minimi gun close to their base, Camp Cambrai , in the northern Kuwaiti desert, in searing heat of more than 35 Celsius.
Other supporters include former SAS head Major General John Holmes and one-time Desert Rats commander Maj Gen Patrick Cordingley.
IF you have played the twin brother of this, Desert Rats v Afrika Korps, you will find no surprises.