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The Java deserialization vulnerability is a widespread and serious threat.
When combined with the ADS6000 family of ADC products, the TSW1200EVM allows for easy deserialization and offers a flexible evaluation environment for analysis.
HOTLink devices offer serialization, deserialization, optional 8B/10B encoding/decoding and framing functions.
The TLK2226 performs the data encoding, decoding, serialization, deserialization, clock extraction and clock tolerance compensation functions for a physical layer interface device.
Fairchild's newest offering to the handset and ultraportable markets is uSerDes(TM), a proprietary serialization / deserialization component that is 7x smaller, uses 10x less active power and 4000x less standby power - all at 1/3 the cost of conventional solutions.
The device supports 16:1 serialization and 1:16 deserialization with a parallel LVDS data range from 622 to 670 Mbps supporting the Optical Internetworking Forum's SFI-4.
The S76802 performs all SONET/SDH deserialization and generates a parallel interface 17th-bit, which is used to deskew on the receiving side of Pecos.