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Rather, it means that applied researchers use a causal model to test the insights of "pure" descriptive research (not simply drawing on them) with the immediate aims of using them to improve the efficiency of translator training and translation quality assessment (e.
It would be expected that in the next 10 years, although descriptive research will continue to play a necessary role, other educational research methodologies will constitute an increasing percentage of Catholic education scholarship.
This is especially true for areas such as epilepsy serf-management and multiple sclerosis, in which considerable descriptive research has been conducted.
The purpose of this paper is to present the findings from a comprehensive review of the published descriptive research that has been conducted within the context of the Science of Unitary Human Beings (SUHB).
Still, rigorous descriptive research is a necessary step toward research that enables us to evaluate and improve social and economic policy.
Type 1 Basic descriptive research on the whole population;
The research objectives determine which of the three general types of research, namely Exploratory research, Experimental research, and Descriptive research are to be used.
Our field will also benefit from descriptive research done to enhance our understanding in the area of determinants of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among minority groups.
Chapter Titles: Introduction to Research in Nutrition and Health; Research Problem and Literature Review; Framing a Research Problem: Hypotheses, Purposes, Objectives, and Questions; Writing Method Sections; Ethical Issues in Research and Scholarship; Statistical Concepts; Relationships among Variables; Differences among Groups; Nonparametric Statistics; Measuring Research Variables; Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research; Descriptive Research and Qualitative Research; Results, Discussion and Abstract; Publications; Writing the Research Proposal; Using Computers.
Several types of research are discussed in this chapter, including: applied research that is conducted for practical application, such as policy formulation; descriptive research that provides insight into often misunderstood or ignored areas, such as female crime; explanatory research that explores the causes behind events such as serial murder; and predictive research that attempts to provide insight into future events, such as recidivism rates for boot camp graduates.
Another variation of phenomenological description is provided by Clark Moustakas, whose descriptive research is less concerned with an abstracted level of experiential essences than it is directed toward an analysis that maintains the wholeness of the experiences related by research participants.
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