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someone who descends

a lowercase letter that has a part extending below other lowercase letters

(printing) the part of lowercase letters that extends below the other lowercase letters

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While most changes to the device will be difficult to see, Capital Safety have substantially improved the performance of their NoWorries Double Stop Descenders, enhancements include: a more comfortable and ergonomic handle, smoother operation in descent, lower co-efficient of friction when up-hauling/belaying or using the device within a progress capture system, and increased efficiency when used on a slope or with lighter weights.
It is better for emphasis than italics, which can be missed by scrollers, and is also better for emphasis than underlined text, which can obscure descenders.
David Arroyo, Samuel Dumoulin and the other Sanchez - Luis Leon - are other good descenders who are likely to fancy their chances.
Once the upper, middle and lower lines have been placed, the character will be heuristically categorized into either an ascender, a descender or neither.
To illustrate the project's long-term potential - and the fonts' practical applications for those blinded by the book's descriptions of x-heights, ascenders, descenders, counterforms, glyphs, strokes and the maddening level of complexity wrought by the fact that Arabic type requires four versions of each letter depending on where it is positioned in a word - Abi Fares teamed up with the arts organization Xanadu to organize the Beirut launch party at Art Lounge on December 15.
Moriarty (1991) maintains that a combination of lower- and uppercase (capital) letters has a distinctive word shape created by the pattern of ascenders and descenders.
Hemade his intentions clear from the start, quickly opening up a substantial lead, and managed to hold off a challenge from three-times winner veteran Ian Holmes (Bingley), one of the sport's fastest descenders.
Similarly, one can create idealized lowercase letters, contained in a square 1 unit on a side except for ascenders and descenders (w is contained in a rectangle of 2 units by 1 unit).
MSA), of Climbing Wall has a faulty bearing that can Pittsburgh, Descenders cause the brakes to fail.
Then I tried to see if the descenders just visible would match the last words of any Austen letters written about that time--no luck.
Davila has shown in his 2002 study Descenders to the Chariot [Brill]).
Our tents are filled with clothes, down jackets, sleeping bags, woollen gloves and socks, snow boots, and oodles of sunblock, moisturiser, lip balm, cleanser--as well as the routine climbing paraphernalia of ropes, crampons, harnesses, descenders and carabiners.
The proportions in Nero and D are also very similar: the ascenders and descenders are quite short in both and the main body of the letters relatively tall.