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French philosopher and mathematician


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Philosophische Gotteserkenntnis bei Suarez und Descartes im Zusammenhang mit der niederlandischen reformierten Theologie und Philosophie des 17.
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For instance, twentieth-century philosophical critiques of Cartesian thought, such as Bergson's and Heidegger's, have focused on the static, timeless spatiality that the subject/object opposition seems to presume, arguing that Descartes privileged epistemological questions before ontological ones and in so doing subsumed the temporality and contingency of being to a spatially conceived ontology.
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Stephen Gaukroger's previous work on Rene Descartes inevitably leads one to expect nothing less in his new study than a highly suggestive, provocative, and reconstructive appraisal of the "father of modern philosophy.
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7) Descartes was conspicuously not interested in static, spatial schemata of this kind, preferring instead to elaborate a method that, though aimed at the discovery of operative eternal truths, was itself conceived of in temporal terms, as a discursive path, a narrative.
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