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In addition to enabling a single descaling operation, Ultrax metal conditioner 257 emits no fumes, slows iron-build in the descale tank for longer bath life, and produces less sludge than standard acid-pickle descaling systems," he explained.
Pumps range in size from the 100 litre capacity Scalebreaker C130, up to the C230 with its 200 litre tank and a more powerful motor, giving a higher circulation rate and faster descaling.
Other top sellers include it's Hard Surface Cleaner (G7), descaling Cleaner (C6), Tap and Shower Desealer (H1), industrial Grade Paint Remover (A10) and Exocet (X1), a newly formulated caustic granule which dissolves grease, oil, fat and hair in sinks, showers, washbasins, baths, urinals and drains.
Acid descaling was performed on laser cut stent to remove these slag, metal oxides and burrs.
The best product to use for descaling is a little white vinegar, mixed with water in roughly equal quantities.
The equipment supplied in March 2007 by one of the leading European manufacturers, KOCH - GSG, enables Mechel, for the first time in the world, to implement mechanical descaling and surface preparing of 9-16 mm diameter high carbon wire rod in the drawing line resulting in output of 3-8 mm high-tensile wire with 1,700-2,300 MPa maximum strength at the level of approximately 20 thousand tonnes annually.
Motan also offers two descaling units, a corrosion inhibitor, and a hot-oil system-cleaner additive.
Chronital is used for cleaning, deburring, descaling and surface finishing of a wide variety of aluminum, stainless steel and other non ferrous alloy castings and forgings.
The system has protective features for use with harsh grit abrasives in production blast treatment operations such as etching, descaling, and surface preparation.
Model RXS-400 automated rotary indexing spindle-blast machine performs blasting operations such as deburring, etching, descaling, cleaning, and surface preparation in lean cell-based production.
To break off the light deposits of lime scale that may form on the product, says BASK gentle brushing of the nozzles with the hand is sufficient--Ultradur ensures that the nozzles hold firmly in place, even during frequent descaling.
Its many features include a Liquid Crystal Display programmable control panel, automatic descaling and the coffee quality and grind setting can be adjusted.
The answer to specs-shyness is to wear contact lenses but not everyone can cope with the sterilising and descaling needed to keep them in condition.
When the list of available technologies/systems was compiled, non-chemical descaling systems represented only 1 percent of all of the 18 technologies generally available to customers.
But the constant descaling by the digital scale control system is said to create considerable savings.