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the removal of salt (especially from sea water)

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3) The Australia Institute report on greenhouse implications of the proposed Sydney desalination plant, www.
They provide a $170 million subsidy to fund commercial-scale ocean desalination plants with virtually no strings attached.
The need for a steady source of energy and a coastal location makes proper siting a critical component to the success of a seawater desalination plant.
Saudi Arabia has 27 desalination plants producing about 12 million cubic meters of fresh water per day and providing 70 percent of the nation's drinking water.
The largest membrane-based desalination plant now under construction is in Tampa, Florida, where the Poseidon Resources Corp.
Tenders for the desalination plant and a related powerplant, both to be built in Tuas, were under evaluation by the Public Utilities Board.
A spokesman said it would be at least five years before any kind of permanent desalination plant was developedl.
THE DESALINATION PLANT project is part of the Russian-Iranian nuclear collaboration agreement reached in February which also provides for Russian help in the completion of a 1,200 MW power station at Bushehr, the establishment of an 880 MW station, also at Bushehr, and the provision of research and reactors to Iranian universities, writes Alan George.
com/research/wv82kq/germany_desalinati) has announced the addition of the "Germany Desalination Plants Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2017" report to their offering.
4 million cubic meters of desalinated water in 13 months, which is almost equivalent to the construction of a new desalination plant worth SAR 13 billion, without any additional capital costs.
Tenders are invited for Repair of the desalination plant of HVO PGU CHPP-2 - laying of pipelines for drainage of regenerative, loosening and other process water from the desalination plant of HVW CCGT to the neutralization basins No.
QUETTA -- Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo inaugurated a desalination plant on Monday installed at the Gwadar port by China Overseas Port Holding Company for supplying drinking water to the people in the port city.
The strike at the Episkopi desalination plant in Limassol has been called off following the intervention of Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou, it was announced on Wednesday.
The contract for building a pumping station and a water pipeline connecting Oman's planned Quriyyat water desalination plant with Wadi Dayqah has been awarded to Target Engineering Construction Company, it has being speculated.
Siraj Kassem Teli said that the installation of desalination plant to convert the seawater into potable will be an excellent effort of the Minister and assured that the business community would fully cooperate with the Sindh government in resolving the water crisis.