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an ascetic Muslim monk

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Also present at the ceremony was Rasheed Tahir, Deputy Minister of Finance and Adham Derwish Barzani, Governor, General Manager, Central Bank of Iraq in Erbil.
In contrast, Kamar Derwish, an American citizen killed well before al-Awlaki in 2002 and the object of far less scrutiny, was not a premeditated target.
Festivities include lively belly dancing show and spiritual theatrics of a Whirling Derwish at the city's only beachfront tent.
If you read a poem of the famous poet Mahmoud Derwish (1941-2008), you will understand the meaning of the olive tree in Palestinian culture.
That is, until Kamal Derwish, Buffalo born but a convert to hard-line, fundamentalist Islam, began to attract a following in the community when he returned from Saudi Arabia.
After this transition, it was easier for Kamal Derwish, who primarily influenced their newfound Islamic path, to convince them to participate in jihad as a way of absolving their sins.