Derris elliptica

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woody vine having bright green leaves and racemes of rose-tinted white flowers

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Derris elliptica was collected in the state of Johor; Kota Johor Lama, Malaysia [7,8,9].
A preliminary study of rotenone exhaustive extraction kinetic from Derris elliptica dried roots using normal soaking extraction (NSE) method.
The effects of raw material particles size, types of solvents and solvent-to-solid ratio on the yield of rotenone extracted from Derris elliptica roots.
Bio-active constituents of rotenoids resin extracted from Derris elliptica roots: comparison between local plant extract and SAPHYR (France) cube resin.
Identification of bio-active constituents from Derris elliptica liquid crude extract using vacuum liquid chromatography.
gariepinus exposed to sub-lethal concentrations of Derris elliptica under laboratory conditions.
The root of Derris elliptica was used for this study.
gariepinus at different concentrations of Derris elliptica root powder are presented in Fig.
The non significant changes in the water parameters of various experimental media reported in this study showed that the sub-lethal concentrations of Derris elliptica did not adversely lead to reduction in water quality where slight changes were observed; the values were within normal range of fish tolerance.
Derris elliptica roots were collected in the state of Johor; Kota Johor Lama, Malaysia.
For that reason, an internal standard method was carried out to determine the concentration of rotenone in the liquid crude extract of Derris elliptica and to compare the bio-active constituent profile with the commercially available rotenoids cube resin manufactured by SAPHYR (France).
Natural Crop Protection in the Tropics--DERRIS: Derris elliptica, D.
The roots of Derris elliptica plants were dried at room temperature and ground in a knife mill.
The location and state of rotenone in the root of Derris elliptica.
Yam bean is a papilionacar specy, known as Derris elliptica, Lonchocarpus utilis and L.