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French philosopher and critic (born in Algeria)

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A combination of commentary and original texts illustrates the principal moments in the friendship between Michel Deguy and Jacques Derrida as an exemplary of the dialogue between poetry and philosophy in the contemporary world.
Keywords: Jacques Derrida, Michel Serres, Peter Eisenman, Plato, chora
En este trabajo nos proponemos pensar esta nueva forma de comprender la democracia a la luz de la conceptualizacion de la justicia en la obra de Jacques Derrida.
Lumsden's explanation of how Derrida appropriates and transforms Heidegger's critique of the metaphysics of presence is equally clear and reliable in its main outlines.
Derrida, em A voz e o fenomeno (1994), denuncia esse transbordamento que abala o arcabouco teorico da metafisica tradicional centrado na voz, na razao, na escrita fonetica e na presenca a si do ser.
Derrida dreams of this forgiveness as the purity of a forgiveness without power.
Si bien Derrida nunca oculto sus deudas con Heidegger, solo con la publicacion de sus cursos en la Ecole Normal Superior, empieza a salir a la luz la intimidad de su discusion con el pensador aleman.
Ludemann says that Derrida opposes law that can be deconstructed with justice.
Derrida ofrece una primera respuesta en su analisis de "Ante la ley" de Franz Kafka:
Derrida reflects on the question of what is proper to man, a question with ontological dimensions (what is the essential nature of man that differentiates him from other beings), an ethical dimension (what is it proper for us to do), and a potential political dimension.
This first comprehensive reconstruction of a Derrida-inspired notion first given conceptual centre stage in Beardsworth's 1996 study on Derrida and the Political takes us not only through Marx, Freud and Lacan, Heidegger, and Derrida, but also, in the last two chapters, Stiegler (Derrida's former pupil) and several trans-, post-, anti-humanist critics and embodiment theorists (Haraway, Hayles, De Landa, Hansen, Meillassoux).
In Derrida, Africa, and the Middle East, Christopher Wise presents a unique and highly significant argument for working with Derrida in the two regional contexts of his title, individually and in their overlaps.
11) Thus, while it may seem counterintuitive to employ Derrida or Lindbeck in constructing a philosophy of deep cross-religious engagement, such a project would certainly qualify as "theologically interesting.
For Glendinning, Derrida is primarily a philosopher and his work, faithfully unfaithful, inhabits the philosophical tradition, aligning itself with that which has been habitually marginalised or overlooked.
E tudo comecou em 1966, quando num Coloquio organizado pela "John Hopkins University", sobre a controversia estruturalista, Derrida, a epoca um pensador desconhecido, apresentou um ensaio que "corroia" os fundamentos do estruturalismo, tendo contestado o conceito de "signo", tal como fora descrito por Saussure e, sobremaneira, reelaborado, em termos logicos-algebricos, por Hjelmslev (Cf.