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Left until the following autumn, the skull will be cleaned entirely of all soft, nutritious tissue by various arthropods, especially dermestid beetles and various species of flies that lay their eggs in the flesh.
Left unchecked, dermestid beetles, ironically the same energetic bugs long used by taxidermists to clean skulls, can clean out your entire trophy room.
5 times as many flies (n = 44) than dermestid beetles (n = 8) over the course of the year-long study (Fig.
A Revisionary Study of the North American Dermestid Beetles Formerly Included in the Genus Perimegatoma (Coleoptera).
The "bug room," where dermestid beetles are used to clean flesh off the skeletons of birds and animals.
Unfortunately, the taxidermist I have used for years moved to Tennessee and I didn't know of any other taxidermists in my area that used Dermestid beetles to clean skulls.
Strange as it may sound, hundreds of flesh-eating dermestid beetles toil 24/7 at the ROM, expertly dispatching carcasses of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, picking the skeletons clean as a licked dinner plate.
ANYONE CAN BUY Dermestid beetles over the Internet in colonies of 30-200 adults.
I take the bones to the ROM, where I finish the processing, sometimes putting them in the ROM's infamous "bug room," where a colony of dermestid beetles cleans the bones by consuming every last morsel of flesh.